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this from my last trip to the Ches Bay Maritime Museum. It seems to fit
with your pages as four or five of 'your authors' are listed here.

Forest & Stream, May 1885.

THE following list will answer many of the questions as to information on
various subjects connected with yachting and canoeing which are frequently
asked us, and will no doubt prove useful to many of our readers. Most of
the books can still be obtained, though a few are out of print. The demand
for this class of literature is rapidly increasing with the growth of water
sports, and it will probably not be many years before the list is doubled.

Editor Forest and Stream:

 Inclosed herewith I send you a catalogue of American publications on
nautical subjects.

 An idea of the work involved in its preparation maybe gained when I state
it was necessary to carefully examine the catalogues of about thirty
publishers, our principal library catalogues, and all the government lists
available. Owing to the desultory manner in which works on these subjects
were published, I fear many omissions and errors have taken place, and
trust your readers will kindly point them out: THOS. I. MILLER. New York.

 Trips on New England Rivers, H.P. Fellows, 1884. Cupples, Upham & Co.; $1.25
 Four Months in a Sneakbox, N.H. Bishop, 1879. Lee & Shepard; $2.50.
 Up and Down the Merrimac. P.S. Boyd, 1879. D. Lathrop & Co.; 50c.
 Week on the Concord and Merrimack Rivers (A), H.D. Thoreau, 1867. Houghton
Mifflin &, Co.; $1.50.

 American Canoe Association Book (pamphlet), 1881, 1883, 1884.
 American Canoeist, vols. 1, 2 and 3; 1882, 83 and 84. Brentano Bros., New
York city; per volume, $1.
 Canoe and Camera, T.S. Steele. 1880. Orange Judd Co.; $1.50.
 Canoe and Flying Proa (The), W.L. Alden, 1878. Harper & Bros.; 40c.
 Canoeing in Kanuckia, Norton and Habberton, 1878. G.P. Putnam's Sons; $1.25.
 Canoe Trip, or a Lark on the Water, F.H. Seymour, 1880. Detroit Free Press
Co.; 30c.
 Canoe and Boat Building, W.P. Stephens, 1885. Forest and Stream Publishing
Co.; $1.50
 Canoe Aurora, C.L. Neidé, 1885. Forest and Stream Publishing Co.; $1.
 Canoe Handling. C. Bowyer Vaux, 1885 (in press). Forest and Stream
Publishing Co.; $1.
 Cruise of the Canoe Club (The), W.L. Alden. Harper & Bros.; $1.
 Paddle and Portage, T.S. Steele, 1882. Estes & Lauriat; $1.50.
 Voyage of the Paper Canoe, N.H. Bishop, 1878. Lee & Shepard; $2.50.
 Woods and Lakes of Maine (The), L.L. Hubbard, 1883. J.R. Osgood & Co.; $3.

 American Pastimes, Yachting, Etc.; C.A. Peverelly, 1866. New York.
 American Yacht List (The), 1882, 3, 4. Neils Olsen, $3 per vol.
 America Cup (The), a nautical poem, H. Morton, 1874. G.P. Putnam's Sons.
 American Yachts, F.S. Cozzens, text by J.D.J. Kelly, a collection of
twenty-six colored plates, 1884. Chas. Scribner's Sons.
 Cruise of the Steam Yacht North Star, J.O. Choules, 1854. Gould & Lincoln.
 Cruise of the Alice May (The), S.G.W. Benjamin, 1885. D. Appleton & Co.;
 Camping and Cruising in Florida, J.A. Henshall, 1884. R. Clarke & Co.
 Cruise of the Montauk (The), J. McQuade, 1884. Knox & Co.; $3
 Camp Life in Florida, Chas. Hallock, 1876. Forest and Stream Co.
 Florida and Game Water Birds (Sharpie Heartease's Trip to Florida), R.B.
Roosevelt, 1884. Orange Judd Co.; $1.50.
 Instantaneous Marine Views - twenty illustrations with text, D.M. Little,
 Manning's Yachting Annual, Thos. Manning, 1875. New York.
 Practical Boat Sailing, Douglas Frazer, 1879. Lee & Shepard; $1.
 Rigs for Yachts and Boats, R.B. Forbes, 1880. Nautical Gazette; 15c.
 Romance of Yachting, J.C. Hart, 1848. Harper & Bros.
 Starboard and Port (Cruise of the Nettie), G.H. Hepworth. 1876. Harper &
Bros.; $1.75.
 Sailor's Handy-Book & Yachtsman's Manual (The), E.F. Qualthrough, 1881.
Chas. Scribner's & Sons; $3.50.
 Shooting, Boating and Fishing, T.R. Warren. Chas. Scribner's & Sons; $1.
 Summer Cruise on the Coast of New England (A), R. Carter, 1864. Crosby &
 Sailing Boat and its Management (The), C.E. Prescott, 1833. Orange Judd. 50c.
 Vacation Cruising in Chesapeake and Delaware Bays, J.T. Rothrock, 1884.
J.B. Lippincott & Co.; $1.50.
 Yachtsman's and Amateur Sailor's Primer (The), T.R. Warren, 1863. Carleton
& Co.; 50c.
 Yachtsman's and Coaster's Book of Reference, Cape Hatteras to St Johns,
N.B. W.A. Pratt; $1.50.

 Construction of Ships for the Merchant Service, R.B. Forbes, 1866. Boston.
 Forbes Rig (The), R.B. Forbes, 1862. Boston.
 Forbes's Rigs for Fore-and-Aft Vessels, Steamers, etc., R.B. Forbes, 1880.
The Nautical Gazette; 15c.
 Method of Calculating the Lines of Vessels etc., S.M. Pook. 1866. D. Van
Nostrand; $5.
 Naval Architecture, a Treatise on Shipbuilding, R.W. Meade, 1869. J.B.
Lippincott & Co.; $10.
 On Technological Education and Shipbuilding, J.W. Nystrom, 1863. H.C.
Baird & Co.; $1.50.
 Progressive Shipbuilder (The), 2 vols., J.W. Griffiths, 1875. D. Appleton
& Co.; $12.
 Protection of Ships from Lightning, R.B. Forbes, 1848. Boston.
 Shipbuilding, Theoretical and Practical, T.P. Wilson, 1880. J.F. Wiley &
Sons; $7.50.
 Shipbuilder's Manual (The), J.W. Griffiths, 1853. New York.
 Theory and Practice Blended in Shipbuilding, J.W. Griffiths. New York.
 Treatise on Parabolical Construction of Ships, J.W. Nystrom. Philadelphia;
 Report on the Shipbuilding Industry of the United States (a part of vol.
13 of U.S. Census Report), H. Hall, 1884. Washington.

 Beverly Tables for Rapid Calculations of Latitude, etc., J.M. Beverly,
1880. New York; $1.25.
 Common-Sense Navigation (The), H. Patterson, 1880. New York; $1.
 Dead Reckoning, or Day's Work, E. Barrett, 1863. D. Van Nostrand; $1.25.
 Guide to Practical Navigation (A), E. McNevin, 1878. San Francisco; $5.
 Magnetism of Ships and Deviation of the Compass, Moore, 1872. The Nautical
 Navigation Simplified, Geo. N. Comer. Harper & Bros.; $2.50.
 Navigation, M.F. Maury.
 Navigation, Byrne, 1875. Jersey City.
 New American Practical Navigator (The), N. Bowditch, 1883. Washington; $2.25.
 Navigation and Nautical Astronomy, J.H.O. Coffin, 1868. D. Van Nostrand;
 New Method of Finding a Ship's Position at Sea, T.H. Sumner, 1866. Boston;
 Requisite Nautical Assistant (The), J. Hayden, 1881. S. Thaxter & Son; $1.50.
 Remarks on Magnetism, etc., R.B. Forbes, 1857. Boston.
 Theoretical Navigation and Nautical Astronomy, L. Clark, 1872. D. Van
Nostrand; $1.50.
 Treatise on Nautical Surveying (A), W.N. Jeffers, 1871. D. Van Nostrand;
 Way to Avoid Center of Violent Gales, G.W. Blunt, 1866. New York.

 Kedge Anchor or Young Sailor's Assistant, W.N. Brady, 1864. D. Appleton &
Co.; $3.50.
 The Seaman's Friend (Practical Seamanship, etc), R.H. Dana, Jr., 1872.
Boston; $1.25.
 Seamanship, S.B. Luce, 1884. D. Van Nostrand; $10.00.
 Young Seaman's Manual, compiled from various authorities. New York, 1880;
A Young Sea Officer's Sheet Anchor, D. Lever, 1843. New York,

 Charts of the coast of the U.S. and the following books:

 1. Passamaquoddy Bay to Schoodic, 1879; 60c.
 2. Frenchman's Bay to Isle au Haut, 1879; 60c.
 3. Penobscot Bay and Tributaries, 1881: 60c.
 4. White Head Island to Cape Small Point, 1879; 60c.
 5. Cape Small Point to Cape Ann, 1879; 60c.
 6. Cape Ann to Cohasset, 1879; 60c.
 7. Boston to Monomoy, 1880, 60c.
 8. Nantucket to Vineyard Sounds, 1880; 6Oc.
 9. Buzzard's and Narragansett Bays, 188O; 60c.
 10. Block Island and Fisher's Island Sounds, Gardiner's and Peconic Bays,
1880; 60c.
 11. Long Island Sound and East River, 1880; 60c.
 12. Harbors in Long Island Sound, 1880; 60c.
 13. South Coast of Long Island, New York Bay and Hudson River 1880; 60c.
 14. New York to Delaware Entrance, 1882; 6Oc.
 15. Delaware Bay and Tributaries, 1883 75c.
 Tide Tables Atlantic Coast, 25c; do. Pacific, 25c; published annually.

 Charts or various parts of the World made from U.S. and Foreign Gov't
Surveys. and the following books; among others:

 4. The Way to Avoid the Center of Our Violent Gales, 1866; 30c.
 6. Regulations for Preventing Collisions on the Water, 1867; 15c.
 8. Magnetism of Ships and the Deviations of the Compass, B.F.Greene, 1867;
 9. The New Am. Practical Navigator, N. Bowditch, 1883; $2.25.
 13. Bowditch's Useful Tables, 1882; $1.25.
 15. Memoir of the Dangers and Ice in the North Atlantic, 1868; 50.
 16. Rules of the Road at Sea and in Inland Waters, T.A. Jenkins, 1869; $1.50.
 18 Barometer, Thermometer, etc., as Aids in Foretelling Weather, T.A.
Jenkins, 1869; 30c.
 19. Ship's Compasses, Swinging Ship, etc., T.A. Jenkins, 1869; 3.
 21. Flags of Maritime Nations, 1876: $2.50.
 29. Hurricanes, with Nautical Directions for Avoiding and Maneuvering in
them, 1872; 15c.
 30. List of Lights (No. 1) of the Atlantic, Gulf and Pacific Coasts of the
United States. (Issued yearly); 60c.
 40. Steamer Lanes Across the Atlantic, 1872; 20c.
 57. Tables for Finding the Distance of an Object by Two Bearings, 1874; 20c.
 62. Finding the Compass Error on Board Ship, B.F. Green, 1875, $2.75.
 71. Azimuth Tables for Parallels of Latitude between 61 N. and 61 S.
 67. International Signal Code, 1882; $2.60.

 The books not given in this list are mostly sailing directions and pilots
for foreign waters.

 American Coast Pilot, L. Furlong. 1806 Newburyport.
 American Coast Pilot, E.M. Blunt. 1830. New York.
 Eldridge's Coast Pilot, No. 1. Chatham to St. John; $3.
 Eldridge's Coast Pilot, No. 2. Chatham to the Rio Grande, Geo. Eldridge.
S. Thaxter & Son, $3.50.
 Eldridge's Tide and Current Book. Boston to New York. (Annual), G.W.
Eldridge, 1884. Geo. Eldridge & Son; 50c.
 Long Island Sound Pilot, B.S. Osborne (in press). The Nautical Gazette.
 Yachtsman's's and Coaster's Book of Reference, Cape Hatteras to St. Johns,
N.B. W.A. Pratt; $1.50.

 Aquatic Monthly and Nautical Review, June 1872, to March 1879, inclusive.
 Brentano's Aquatic Monthly and Sporting Gazetteer, April 1879, to March
1881, inclusive.
 Gentleman's Magazine, June 1881 to date (monthly).
 American Aquatic Magazine, Vols. 1 and 2, 1884 (monthly) Hearne & Co.; per
annum $3.
 All of the above edited by Mr. C.A. Peverelly.

 Forest and Stream, Vol. 1 to 24 to date (weekly); per year $4.
 The Nautical Gazette, Vol. 1, 1871 , to Vol. 22 to date (weekly); per year $4.
 Outing and the Wheelman, Vols. 1 to 5, to date (monthly); per year $2.
 The American Ship (now suspended) was published for about two years; by
J.W. Griffith (weekly).

 The Physical Geography of the Sea, M.F. Maury; 1885. Harper & Bros.; $4.
 Nautical Routine and Stowage, etc., Murphy and Jeffers, 1849. D. Von
Nostrand; $2.
 Naval Encyclopedia L.R. Hammersly, 1881. Phil., $10.
 U.S. Naval Institute, Papers and Proceedings, Vol. 1, 1875; New York.

 Boating Down the Alleghany, J.M. Mulligan. Knickerbocker, Vol. 45.
 Boating Trip from Toronto to Gulf of Mexico, R. Tyson. Canadian Monthly,
Vol. 17.

 Canoe Convention on Lake George, C.L. Norton. Canadian Monthly Vol. 20.
 Construction of Canoes W.L. Alden. Harper's Monthly, Vol. 56.
 Cruising Canoe and Outfit, C.E. Chase. Harper's Monthly, Vol. 61.
 Canoes, C.L. Norton. Old and New, Vol. 7.
 How to Build and Manage Canoes, W.L. Alden, Scribner's Monthly, Vol. 4.

 Canoe Voyage Through Maine to Canada, J.C. Hoyt. Scribner's Monthly, Vol. 4.
 Macgregor's Rob Roy on the Rivers of Europe, A.H. Guernsey. Harper's
Monthly, Vol. 33.
 Modern Canoe Voyaging, R. Tyson. Canadian Monthly, vol 19.
 Canoe Voyaging in the Baltic, M. Titcomb. Harper's Monthly, Vol. 35.
 Canoeing in the English Channel, H.H. Alden. Harper's Monthly, Vol. 36.
 Canoeing on the Jordan, A.H. Guernsey. Harper's Monthly, Vol. 41.
 Canoeing on the High Mississippi, A.H. Siegfried. Lippincott's Magazine,
Vol. 26.

 Yachting; A Tale, S. Hyde. Putnam's Monthly. Vol. 16.
 Yachts and Yacht Building, W.F.G. Shanks. Scribner's Monthly, Vol. 4.
 Yachts Built on Wave Principle, Dr. Phippe. Journal Franklin Institute,
Vol. 43.
 Yachts and Quaint Craft, W.L.D. O'Grady. Lippincott's Magazine, Vol. 16.
 Cheap Yachting, H.D. Jarvis. Harper's Monthly, Vol 47.
 The Modern Yacht. J.D.J. Kelly. Harper's Monthly, August, 1883.
 The Evolution of the American Yacht, S.G.W. Benjamin. The Century, July, 1882.
 Steam Yachting in America, S.G.W. Benjamin. The Century, August, 1882.

 Yachting in Blue Waters, T.R. Warren. Harper's Monthly, Vol. 55.
 The Cruise of the Nameless. Harper's Monthly.
 The Cruise of the Alice May, S.G.W. Benjamin. The Century.
 The Cruise Of the Wallowy, Barnet Phillips. Harper's Monthly, January, 1885.

 Nautical Astronomy, American Works on Quarterly Review, January, 1876.
 Besides the articles given above, many on boatbuilding, canoe building,
shipbuilding, etc., were published In the Scientific American supplement,
New York, and Journal of the Franklin Institute, Philadelphia.


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