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The Adventures of Ulysses

by Charles Lamb, 1808

as edited by John Cooke,
Dublin: Browne and Nolan, 1892


  1. Chapter I

    The Cicons.
    The fruit of the Lotos-tree.
    Polyphemus and the Cyclops.
    The Kingdom of the Winds, and God Æolus's fatal present.
    The Læstrygonian Man-eaters.

  2. Chapter II

    The house of Circe.
    Men changed into beasts.
    The voyage to Hell.
    The banquet of the Dead.

  3. Chapter III

    The song of the Sirens.
    Scylla and Charybdis.
    The oxen of the Sun.
    The judgment.
    The crew killed by lightning.

  4. Chapter IV

    The island of Calypso.
    Immortality refused.

  5. Chapter V

    The tempest.
    The sea-bird's gift.
    The escape by swimming.
    The sleep in the woods.

  6. Chapter VI

    The princess Nausicaa.
    The washing.
    The game with the ball.
    The Court of Phæacia and king Alcinous.

  7. Chapter VII

    The songs of Demodocus.
    The convoy home.
    The mariners transformed to stone.
    The young shepherd.

  8. Chapter VIII

    The change from a king to a beggar.
    Eumæus and the herdsmen.

  9. Chapter IX

    The queen's suitors.
    The battle of the beggars.
    The armour taken down.
    The meeting with Penelope.

  10. Chapter X

    The madness from above.
    The bow of Ulysses.
    The slaughter.
    The conclusion.

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